Reiki Attunement Refresher

Reiki Attunement Refresher / Distant Reiki Attunement

Whether you are an experienced Reiki Master or a complete beginner (newbe Reiki) a distant Reiki Attunement may be of interest.

A great thing about Reiki is that once you have recieved a Reiki Attunement you will have it always, it cannot be taken away from you.

For existing Reiki practitioners or users of Reiki the advantages of receiving a distant Reiki Attunement include:

  • Your Reiki energy will be “refined”
  • Increased strength of the energy
  • Personal Problems ending
  • Increased in mental clarity
  • A greater sense of peace and well being
  • Psychic Development
  • Increased Third Eye Awareness
  • Consciousness Expansion
  • Reiki Development

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Just £40 for each distant refresher Reiki Attunement.

Just £40 per refresher attunement distantly.

(Please note that I do not teach distant Reiki at this time I simply teach face to face)