Reiki Course Dates

Reiki Course Dates for all Reiki courses including: Usui Reiki, Reiki Drum & Karuna Reiki from beginner to Master Teacher level. Contact us to discuss your interest

The Reiki Drum Technique

Reiki Drum Practitioner Course

in Lytham St Annes
Please contact us to arrange your training.

The next courses in Lytham St Annes are:

Reiki Drum:

  • Nov 13th / 14th – Mon/Tues
  • Nov 18th/19th – Sat/Sun
  • Dec  10th / 11th – Sun/Mon
  • Dec  16th/17th – Sat / Sun
  • Jan 29th/30th – Mon/Tues
  • Feb 10th/11th – Sat/Sun
  • March 19th/20th – Mon/Tues
  • March 29th/30th – Thurs/Fri
  • April 5th/6th – Thurs / Fri
  • April 15th/16th – Sun/Mon
  • Other dates on request

I arrange other dates on request – please contact me to discuss

“The course was wonderful” M.B              “Definitely recommended” P.C

“This is the most amazing course. I feel so blessed & honoured that I have been on this journey with the most amazing person, Cath” S.S

“It`s a wonderful gift, you learn so much about Reiki & Shamanism & healing. Loads of new knowledge & practicle training. Thank you Cath for sharing your knowledge” A. E.

“Really inspirational course and a perfect enhancement to cenventional Reiki training”. A.K.

Please contact us for more information

Reiki Level 1 Courses

in Lytham St Annes (St Annes on the Sea)

Reiki Level 1:

One day intensives are also arranged on request

  • Oct 21st/22nd – 2 Day Course – Sat/Sun
  • October 27th – 1 Day Intensive – Fri
  • October 29th – 1 Day Intensive – Sun
  • Dates on request
  • November 2nd – 1 Day Intensive – Thurs
  • November 12th – 1 Day Intensive – Sun
  • November 17th – 1 Day Intensive – Fri
  • November 18th – 1 Day Intensive – Sat
  • November 21st – 1 Day Intensive – Tues
  • Dates on request
  • December 2nd – 1 Day Intensive – Sat
  • December 7th – 1 Day Intensive – Fri
  • December 10th – 1 Day Intensive – Sun
  • Dec 14th/15th – 2 Day Course – Thurs/Fri
  • Dec 17th – 1 Day Intensive  – Sun
  • Dec 19th – 1 Day Intensive – Tues
  • Dec 21st – 1 Day Intensive – Thurs
  • Dec 23rd – 1 Day Intensive – Sat
  • Dates on request
  • Jan 15th – Mon
  • Jan 19th – Fri
  • Jan 21st – Sun
  • Jan 27th – Thurs
  • Jan 27th – Sat
  • Dates on request
  • Feb 2nd – Fri
  • Feb 4th – Sun
  • Feb 6th – Tues
  • Feb 22nd – Thurs
  • Feb 24th – Sat
  • Dates on request
  • March 4th – Sun
  • March 5th / Tues 6th – Mon/Tues
  • March 9th – Fri
  • March 13th – Tues
  • March 18th – Sun
  • March 24th/25th – Sat/Sun
  • Dates on request
  • April 1st – Sat

If you cannot do a whole day, perhaps you are a carer or prefer to learn in shorter amounts of time, then I also do block courses on request. With a block course you learn in blocks of 3 or 4 hours at a time over a few sessions. Please call me to disucss.

One day intensive courses and two day courses are held on request – contact us to discuss your needs

For Reiki Level 1 Course queries – Contact us

Reiki Level 1 Intensive – Contact us for more information – Windermere


” I have much enjoyed & will return for level 2″ – L.G.

“A really enjoyable, enlightening experience ” – P.D

“It more than fulfilled my expectations” – R.A

“I had a fabulous relaxing day whilst learning” R.H

” I have enjoyed the experience and would recommend” C.D.

” I would thoroughly recommend this course to to everyone. A very enjoyable experience ” W.R

                                                                                                Reiki Level 2 Courses

in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire

  • November 3rd – 1 Day Intensive – Fri
  • November 4th – 1 Day Intensive – Sat
  • Nov 30th/Dec 1st – 2 Day Course – Thurs/Fri
  • Dates on Request
  • December 3rd – 1 Day Intensive – Sun
  • December 13th – 1 Day Intensive – Wed
  • Other dates on request
  • Feb 19th – Fri
  • Feb 21st – Sun
  • Feb 23rd – Fri
  • Dates on request
  • March 4th – Sun
  • All Reiki Lineages Honoured.
    Reiki Level 2 Courses, require you to have taken Reiki Level 1.
    Contact us with any queries.

Reiki Level 2 Intensive Courses in Windermere, Cumbria


” It opens your eyes to another dimension, magical ” – V.S.

“Cath & Andy are the kindest people I have ever met, I am priviledged to have had them for my teachers” H. R.

“I have now completed Levels 1 & 2 with Cath & she has always made me feel secure & comfortable. It has been an absolute joy to be guided by someone so knowledgeable” V. W
“I recommend Cath as a teacher to all! A terrific experience plus fun & chocolate!!!” A. J

“I had a fabulous time learning, discussing and practising, I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in Reiki! ” K.S

Advanced Reiki Training (ART) /(Equivalent to Reiki Master Practitioner)

ART / Master (Reiki Master Teacher equivalent)

Reiki Master (Teacher)in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire

ART/ Master – Reiki Master Practitioner & Master Combined

in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire

  • October 25th/ October 26th – Wed/ Thurs  – Reiki Master Teacher
  • Dates on request
  • Nov 20th/31st – Reiki Master Teacher – Mon/Tues
  • November 19th –  ART/Reiki Master Practitioner – Sun
  • Dates on request
  • December 15th – ART/Reiki Master Practitioner – Fri
  • Dates on Request
  • Feb 26th – ART/Reiki Master Practitioner – Mon
  • Dates on request
  • March 2nd/9th – Master / Reiki Master Teacher – Fri/Fri
  • Dates on request
  • Other Dates on Request
  • ART/Master Courses 1-4 Days
  • Other dates on request

Other dates on request

Longer courses are available on request – All Reiki Lineages Honoured.

Contact us if you are interested.

Two day courses are available on request.
Reiki Master Practitioner Course Venue: St Annes on-the-Sea, Lytham St Annes

“After attunement to the master symbol the Reiki is more powerful ” D.

” Having been attuned to Level 1, 2 & 3 by the same lineage master, I feel that under the love and teachings of my teacher I have been shown the beautiful path of Reiki , and been accompanied along my path by them” J.M

” It was ace ” A.S.

“After attunement to the master symbol the Reiki is more powerful ” D.E

“I have just felt relaxed and tuned in throughout. Cath is a beacon of light and full of knowledge, laughter and enthusiasm” J. H.

Karuna Reiki Practitioner

Karuna Reiki Master (Teacher) in St Annes on Sea

in St Annes on the Sea
Levels 1 & 2


October 19th / 20th / 21st – Karuna Reiki Master – Thurs/Fri /Sat

November 6th/7th/8th – Karuna Reiki Master – Mon/Tues/Wed

November 26th/27th/28th/ – Karuna Reiki Master – Sun/Mon/Tues

December 6th & 7th – Karuna Reiki Practitioner  – Wed / Thurs

December 19th / 20th – Karuna Reiki Practitioner – Tues / Wed

Jan 28th / 29th – Karuna Reiki Practitioner – Sun/ Mon


  • Anyone who has already taken the Karuna Reiki Practitioner can take the Karuna Reiki Master on its own – Contact me to discuss

You must be a Reiki Master Teacher already to do the Karuna Reiki Master
If you already have Karuna Reiki Practitoner then you only need to attend the 3rd day.
Contact me to discuss.

Also available on request
1 – 3 Days are needed depending on Karuna Reiki level already taken



“It was one of my best experiences with very much love, I feel very blessed. The love and dedication Cath Eckley teaches is one of the best examples as a Master” M. M

Contact us for more information

Munay Ki Training

  • On Request – Dates on request


 Please contact me to discuss your interest

Please email us for an application form & further details.

Courses are taught by either: Cath or Andy Eckley or both.



Note: Courses are also held at:

Contact us for more, information on any of the courses listed above.

One to one teaching available on request.

Special short (2 – 6 hours at a time) day / evening classes available for anyone unable to attend a full day.

Contact Cath for more information or to discuss your own needs

We hold a Reiki share in Lytham St Annes.

Life Coaching Sessions available with Cath Eckley. Click Here

“I had a fabulous time learning, discussing and practising, I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in Reiki! ” K.S

“It`s a wonderful gift, you learn so much about Reiki & Shamanism & healing. Loads of new knowledge & practicle training. Thank you Cath for sharing your knowledge” A. E.

“Hi Cath……I would like to thank you & Andy for making me welcome at your beautiful & tranquil home which was the ideal space to learn Reiki Drum, the course was truly wonderful, with so much more to be learnt to enhance the lovely gift of Reiki, and ………. at the caring and professional way that you teach Reiki Drum with great passion. Thank you once again, I feel very blessed to have had you as my teacher…” P. I.