Reiki Distant Healing

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SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI have been using Reiki since 2002 and found it to be an invaluable aid to my life.

I would not be without its loving presence and use Reiki to assist all I can, all the time.

I am able to offer Reiki Distant Healing to you wherever you are in the world and no matter what is going on in your life.

Reiki is able to be received by anyone, anywhere in the world, all you need is a willigness to receive it. It is always positive and works well with all medical care.

There are no limits on where Reiki can travel and therefore I am able to assist you whereever you are, anywhere in the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. I can send Reiki literally anywhere in the World.

Reiki is a great, great blessing and best received by those wanting to receive it.

I can send you some distant or absent Reiki healing  in 4 ways:

  • One to one Distant Reiki Session
  • £25 / 30 minutes session.  This is a one on one session, at a time or times specified by you.
  • £30/ 45 minutes session.  This is a one on one session, at a time or times specified by you.
  • £40 / 60 minutes session.  This is a one on one session, at a time or times specified by you.

Book here – Please state your required time and why you would want it. (Perhaps you just want to experience Reiki Distant Healing, have a CPD to complete or perhaps there is a specific something that you would like help with. Please note: I am offering Reiki healing not miracles)

Donations in UK £

  • 07887881474  

  1. Donations in Euro

One to one Reiki Session in USD $

  • $20 / 20 minutes session.  This is a one on one session, at a time or times specified by you.
  • $30 / 30 minutes session.  This is a one on one session, at a time or times specified by you.
  • $43 / 45 minutes session.  This is a one on one session, at a time or times specified by you.
  • $49 / 60 minutes session.  This is a one on one session, at a time or times specified by you.
  • Reiki with Crystal – On request – Payment Donation in $ or £ or Euro
  • Donations in $

The Reiki Crystal will be prepared, cleansed and blessed and charged for a 10 minutes a day with Reiki.

Amthyst & Quarts crystal 3The Reiki with Crystal, Reiki Distant Healing Method involves using a large crystal in combination with Reiki so as to send a very powerful energy to you or to a situation that you wanat help with.The Crystal acts as a transmitter and amplifyer of the Reiki energy. The Reiki with crystal method can be used to protect, heal or manifest a goal.

Contact me to place your request.


  • Reiki with a Reiki Crystal Grid  – Deals are available on request
  • Current Deal for the Reiki Crystal Grid is on donation for an agreed time period
  • Currently accepting donations so that this wondrous experience is available to all.
  • ( Minimum 7 Crystals Charged with Reiki and sending Reiki to you)

Amthyst & Quarts crystal 3A Reiki Crystal Grid involves using Reiki in combination with 7 beautiful Reiki filled crystals, so as to create a very powerful Reiki Distant Healing Energy. The Reiki Crystal Grid is built and charged with Reiki so as to send Reiki Healing continuously to you, your pet or animal or family so as to balance, heal, help relax, protect, assist  or help you to manifest a goal.

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  • Distant Reiki with Reiki Drum
  • £20 / 20 minutes session. This is a one on one session.
  • £25 / 30 minutes session. This is a one on one session.

Me DrumI will connect with you and do a specified session of Reiki Drum Distant Reiki Drum Healing Session to assist you. Sending you the calming energies of Reiki & Drum.


What can Distant Reiki Healing help with?
Distant Reiki can be used to help just about anything at all e.g.:

  • Health issues are often helped with the Reiki Crystal Grid
  • Exam Anxiety is often helped with the Reiki Crystal Grid
  • Long journeys may be easier with the Reiki Crystal Grid
  • A situation can be helped to move forward with a Reiki Crystal Grid
  • Modern day living can be made easier with the help of a Reiki Crystal Grid
  • Business meetings/situations can be less stressful with help of a Reiki Crystal Grid
  • Dealing with difficult people may be easier with the aid of a Reiki Crystal Grid
  • Helping you to get something started may be easier with a Reiki Crystal Grid
  • A situation may be flow easier for you with the help of a Reiki Crystal Grid
  • Negative feelings and emotions eg anxiety, stress, depression are perhaps reduced with a Reiki Crystal Grid
  • Personal growth, peace, creativity, confidence, relaxation is potentially enhanced and increased with a Reiki Crystal Grid
  • Whatever you need help with in your life a Reiki Distant Healing will be able to help you with it!

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Reiki can also help plants and animals. Contact me to book here

I will always set the intent that the Reiki works for your highest good and assists you every way that you would want.

What can`t Distant Reiki Healing be used for?   
Reiki will never manipulate another person’s will.  So if there is malice or manipulation of another, the Reiki sent will not work.

Reiki does not help you win the lottery. If you have financial need then you could ask that Reiki be sent to help improve your finances. This may involve overtime or taking a job.

You may notice the benefit of the Reiki immediately or it may take longer to develop.

The great thing is that you do not need to be present to receive distant Reiki! I can gather all of the information that I need from you by email ,skype or telephone. I can send Reiki anywhere in the world. I can send Reiki and / or Reiki Drum to any situation or any person world wide.

Further Important Information
It is important to note that sending Reiki to a situation, via a Reiki Distant Healing  that you do not then sit back and do nothing. Rather, continue doing all you can to help yourself so that situations can open up for you.

How Reiki will help you may take any form. Be open and ready to receive Reiki blessings in whatever form they may arrive!

Try not to pre-judge or direct how you want the help to come. In what form your help will come may only become clear in time.

Perhaps, it may appear that you are not getting what you asked for. Reiki does not always work in the way we expect. Sometimes you may feel that it’s taking you in another direction. Drop your expectations and allow the Reiki to work for your highest good!

Also, you cannot get away from your Karma in any given situatio. Sending Reiki will help you as you work throughdifficulties before you.

Please do not hesitate to either ring or email me to discuss your own situation or if you have any questions.

I accept donations by

  • Paypal
  • Western Union
  • Personal Cheque payable to Cath Eckley“Thank you ever so much for all your help & support. I have at least now had some people come over so it`s starting to clear…..I have been feeling more capable even though I am totally surrounded and backlogged up. I hope the good energy keeps going to see me through it all. Many thanks again”     Midlands

“Thank you Cath. Since being in grid I have noticed a big increase in business and customers willingness to part quite happily with their hard earned cash particularly in these trying of times! Grids working great!”   Paul, Blackpool

“There was a period in my life in 2006 where I felt in total upheaval. I had just moved house and was having lots of problems settling into a new job. I was in despair, as nothing seemed to be going well. I told Cath about this and she asked me if I would like her to place me in a reiki crystal grid to send positive energy to the problems I was going through. Being in a situation where I thought there was no way out, I jumped at the chance. Soon after I found that my problems were being resolved one by one. I felt a great sense of relief and I am sure that it was with the help of the positive energy from the Crystal grid. Thanks Cath”
Lisa, London

“Dear Cath, I don’t know if its the crystal grid or that unblocking of energy with the Karuna Master symbol, but something has caused a major shift  in me! I feel so energetic and confident now and feel like something that was holding me back has gone!! Thank you so much….Whatever you did, you unblocked something major and I feel brilliant. Thank you..I honestly have never experienced something so dramatic..” A.B

Reiki promotes healing and supports all forms of treatment both orthodox and complimentary. Reiki does not replace traditional medicine or treatments. If you are feeling unwell your first port of call must be your doctor

Reiki is the unseen energy which fills the universe and flows through all living things. Reiki is a system of natural hands-on healing which anyone can receive or learn. Reiki`s natural healing energy works at any level of being: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. Reiki will always flow to the area of need and supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Reiki is not in place of proper medical care. If you are unwell see your GP now.

All Reiki Distant Healing will be sent by Cath Eckley – Usui, Karuna & Reiki Drum Master Teacher  – Book Here