Reiki Drum

The Reiki Drum Technique (Reiki Drum/Reiki Drumming)

riverhasThe Reiki Drum Technique is a totally fabulous Reiki technique, that combines both Reiki and sound healing.

Reiki Drum combines both Reiki and Drumming in three high powered, deeply healing Reiki Drum techniques.

You must have already taken Reiki Level 2 / Second Degree Reiki Practitioner training, to take this Reiki Drum Level 1 & Reiki Drum Level 2, Reiki Drum Practitioner course.

There needs to be a three month period /time passing/  gap, from your first Reiki attunement (Reiki Level 1 course/class) to taking this Reiki Drum Practitioner Course. So if for example you have taken a Reiki Level 1 intensive and a Reiki Level 2 intensive in May then you would be able to take this Reiki Drum Practitioner Course in August of the same year. Do contact me to discuss your own situation.

This Reiki Drum Practitioner course, like all Reiki courses is very healing and can bring things up from the past that need to be processed so it is recommended that after taking this Reiki Drum Practitioner course that you allow yourself some extra time for enjoying all of the exercises and techniques learnt, so as to make the most of the healing opportunity that is available to you with this Reiki Drum Practitioner course.

You do not need musical esperience to learn the Reiki Drum Technique. No musical knowledge is necessary or required, for you to to learn the Reiki Drum Technique. The Reiki Drum technique can be learnt by anyone who can hold a drum and drum baton.

The Reiki Drum Technique, Reiki Drum/Reiki Drumming is a highly valuable Reiki technique and must for all wanting to further develop their Reiki practice and Reiki skill set.

Teaching 3 unique ways to heal with Reiki & Drum, as well as a powerful meditation technique of honouring the 7 sacred directions, Reiki Drum is a must for those wanting to learn more.

Reiki Drum, Reiki Drumming allows many wonderful experiences as we transform and heal.

During the two day Reiki Drum Technique course you learn:

  • You learn “Preparation of Self”
  • You learn how to Create Sacred Space
  • You learn how “Essence” can be used in Space Clearing and Preparation
  • You experience and learn how to “Honouring the Seven Sacred Directions” in a Meditation Ceremony
  • You choose your Reiki Drum in a small Reiki Drum Selection Ceremony (Assuming that you haven`t bought your own with you)
  • The Reiki Drum Technique explained. What is the Reiki Drum Technique?
  • Scientific Research on Drumming & its Healing Powers is discussed
  • You do a Reiki Drum Journey – Soul Retrieval Technique – Recovering your voice
  • You receive a Reiki Drum Attunement
  • You cover:The Power of Thought
  • You learn about Reiki Drum Healing – Basic Technique
  • You Give & Receive a Drum Healing Session – Practical
  • You learn about the Reiki Drum – Journey Technique
  • You Give & Receive a Journey Session – Practical
  • You learn about the Professional Ethics for Practitioners Code of Conduct
  • You learn how to Intuitively work with Reiki and the Drum – Practical work with symbols
  • You learn the Reiki Drum Mental/Emotional Reprogramming Technique
  • You Give & Receive a Reprogramming Session – Practical
  • You journey to meet your Power Animal
  • You do a soul retrieval journey – Finding your voice.
  • You Connect with the unique energy of your own personal drum
  • Teaching the Reiki Drum Technique and Case Study Guidelines are brought to your attention
iStock_000019627006_ExtraSmall Duration of Reiki Drum Technique Practitioner Course: 2 Days
Reiki Drum Technique Practitioner Fee: £385/£365 drum provided or £300 bring your own drum

Deposit – £50
Includes your own Remo Drum, drum mallet & a Reiki Drum Technique manual.

Payment plans are available on request.


iStock_000019825316_ExtraSmall Do you already have your own hand held drum?

If you already have your own drum and that you want to use – that is great.

Just let us know at the point of booking and the price will be reduced to £300.

If you want a Remo drum included with the course cost is:  £365 (14″ Remo Drum) & £385 (16″ Remo Drum).

Anyone wanting to order/buy their own drum in advance can often do so on Amazon.


Yellow flower The Reiki Drum Technique Practitioner (Reiki Drum) Course Dates


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“I have really loved the whole two days, the pace was just right as was the balance between theory and practice” M. B

“Not only have I learnt the Reiki Drum teachnique, I feel I have had a retreat and made two lovely new friends” J. I

“Definately recommended” P.C

“It`s a wonderful gift, you learn so much about Reiki & Shamanism & healing. Loads of new knowledge & practicle training. Thank you Cath for sharing your knowledge” A. E.

“Hi Cath……I would like to thank you & Andy for making me welcome at your beautiful & tranquil home which was the ideal space to learn Reiki Drum, the course was truly wonderful, with so much more to be learnt to enhance the lovely gift of Reiki, and ………. at the caring and professional way that you teach Reiki Drum with great passion. Thank you once again, I feel very blessed to have had you as my teacher…” P. I.

“I found the Reiki Drum course absolutely fascinating & great fun. I enjoyed every minute! Cath is a lovely teacher who gently guides you along all the new ideas – wonderful! ” H.R

“Cath made the whole experience positive and enlightening. Reiki Drum is such a powerful modality that I will use with confidence, instilled bu such an able and compassionate teacher. And it was fun! ” H.W

“A very uplifting two day class. Cath has a lovely way of teaching and conveys a powerful and healing instruction” FW

“Reiki Drum has opened up another way of Reiki for me. Loved every moment of this course” J.H.

“…Coming together with beautiful people in a safe environment to enable me to grow on all levels and heal” D.B

“Cath Eckley is fantastic trainer in Reiki Drum. She offers her home to its full advantage. She always listens to your queries however silly they are. She explains techniques fully and in a maner that is easy to understand. I would love to return for a refresher.” P.H.

“Loved the drumming technique and how it “blends” with Reiki. Extremely powerful – am looking forward to using it for myself with clients” J.B

“Really inspirational course and a perfect enhancement to conventional Reiki training”. A.K.

“Cath delivers her Reiki drumming course with a completely professional approach with much adaptation & intuitive input” K.D

Teaching The Reiki Drum Technique

Me DrumFor all those of you who want to teach The Reiki Drum Technique, and share this wonderous gift, the Reiki Drum Teaching requirements are:

  • Reiki Master Teacher Training /Reiki Master to teacher level /Reiki Fourth Degree Master Level
  • At least 1 years Reiki teaching experieince
  • Six months practical Reiki Drum experience
  • Provision of six Reiki Drum case studies
  • Attendance of Reiki Drum teaching assessment day

Daffodil 2Please contact us if you are interested in teaching the Reiki Drum Technique.

Please contact us to reserve your place.

Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns.



“I really didnt know what to expect, so the course was like an adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it and feel I have grown in all areas. I would recommend it to anyone. It is very enjoyable and informative . Cath is a beautiful teacher / person and it was lovely to meet her” N

“It was lovely to experience the Reiki Drum. Thank you Cath for an interesting course & I look forward to using my Drum” S.B

“Cath is an excellent teacher and would recommend Cath`s class” G.B

“Cath is a beautiful soul who is down to earth. She explains the course beautifully and I have left this weekend feeling revitalised and cant wait to start practising the Reiki Drum” J.R

“Cath, is very warm, bubbly, compassionate and kind. Nothing is too much for her and I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in doing this course. She made the course very interesting, was open to any questions we had. It was just lovely being with her presence. It was lovely to have the lunch together and just being with one another. Thank you Cath for a brilliant time. C.A

“Cath is an excellent teacher and would recommend Caths class” G.E

“An amazing course that has brought some wonderful experiences and blessings. I have learnt so much, not only about Reiki drumming but on my journey of personal growth. The course was run exceptionally well, at a good pace and every opportunity to ask questions. It all felt such a safe and warm envionment, which Cath clearly nurtures and promotes. A truly wonderful experience, thank you x ” L.E.

” I attended a fantastic Reiki Drum training course run by Cath Eckley in Lytham St Annes in February 2017. The weather was not fantastic to travel in, to get to Cath’s home where I undertook the course but it was well worth the effort. Upon arrival my friend and I were warmly received by Cath and we were given time to have a warming drink and to relax a bit before the first day got underway. Cath had set out our agenda for the weekend in such a way that the whole weekend just flowed and the hours passed so quickly after the two days. I know I just wished I could have stayed a further two days and repeated the course.

“I have always loved the Reiki Drum and my accompanying friend already owned one which she treasures, and I love to hear her play hers. My first thing was to choose a drum to be mine, Cath had several for me to choose from and choosing it was such a special time for me. Cath shows per patience well. Cath split the time up between each learning chunk into manageable sections and this allowed for time to digest what I was learning. Allowing for connection with the energy that was truly building up within the lovely therapy room that Cath has, and to find that all important space between speaking, listening, thinking, playing the drum etc. In a nutshell that time that is important between a full stop and a capital letter.  The manual/workbook that Cath provided us with (copyright of Sarah Gregg 2007) is so interesting and detailed in such a way that after the two days training it all made sense to me and I love reading it and putting it into practise now. Cath kindly provided our lunch for the two days and this was welcomed as when you hit the road at 7am in the morning it is one less thing to think about. Thanks Cath and nice to meet Andy: Cath’s husband. Provided by Elaine Pettit BSc (Hons) Personal Development and Meditation Coach Oakview Coachin”

“This is the most amazing course. I feel so blessed and honoured that I have been on this journey with the most amazing person, Cath” S.S


Please note: Deposits are non-refundable, but can be transferred to another class within 1 year. Where there is non-attendance at a class without prior notice 48 hours before hand the deposit is forfeit. If a deposit is not received before the course then an extra charge is due for producing the certificate after attendance. The charge is currently £8.00. Please note where extra one to one is needed on top of class time the cost is £30 per hour, per person.