Reiki Stories


My journey with Reiki started about three years ago when I was on holiday and tripped and badly sprained my ankle. Reiki was the only alternative therapy I had not approached or knew anything about. I was walking through the Spa reception limping in pain and the Reiki Master was stood there asking me what had happened. He offered me twenty minutes of Reiki whilst I was sat on the sofa with my leg raised. He did not touch the ankle and twenty minutes later I was able to put my weight on it without pain. In fact, the ankle did not need pain killers and was better in a couple of weeks. I was so impressed that I booked a full session with him and thus my journey with Reiki began.

I had located Cath my Reiki Master on the internet and had several sessions before starting to learn it for myself. Reiki started in March 2014 with Degree Level 1.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for reducing stress and also promotes healing on a physical and mental level so that all problems are assisted. Anyone can do this and is very easy to learn although there is much to learn. A Reiki treatment feels very relaxed and different people may feel different things.

I learnt all the hand on positions for self healing and noticed taht my migraines are less and easier to get rid of, my legs and feet are feeling much better although quiet a way to go on my left leg and felt a shift in mood. I was sleeping better having always been a poor sleeper. I feel re-energised after various activites.

………..I think Cath has been an excellent teacher on all levels and would highly recommend anyone who feels they would like to help themselves to help others to learn Reiki. In six months time I shall start on the Master Course. Carole H

My name is Virgil Anderson. I was recently diagnosed with mesothelioma, which is a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.

Recently, I have been learning about the healing benefits of reiki therapy for cancer patients. Reiki, as you know, can relax the mind and reduce negative emotions like fear, stress, and anxiety. Patients using reiki while undergoing biopsies to determine if they had cancer experienced significantly less stress, pain and fear during and after the procedure.

In my fight against cancer, I have been helped greatly by the Patient Advocates at They have helped me tremendously through this tough time and I don’t know where I would be without them.

They actually posted an article that discusses more about the benefits of reiki for cancer patients here:

Would you be so kind as to share a link to that article on your website? It helps spread awareness for people suffering with cancer. It can also lead them to find assistance with their medical bills.

I feel it is my duty to give back to the community–to inform people with asbestos diseases of all the different options for post-therapy treatment and wellness.