"The main qualifications of a good teacher are wisdom & gentleness... & Cath & Andy have both of these in abundance"


"I would thoroughly recommend this course to everyone. A very enjoyable experience"


"A really enjoyable, enlightening, experience"


"The whole day was a positive experience! It was amazing"


"Every stage was valuable .......It was a priviledge to be on our own as I am not sure how the dynamic would have worked with a larger group"


"I have much enjoyed and will return for Level 2"


"A really enjoyable, enlightening experience"


"Having been attuned to Level 1, 2 & 3 by the same lineage master, I feel that under the love and teachings of my teacher I have been shown the beautiful path of Reiki, and been accompanied along my path by them"

J. M

"After attunement to the master symbol the Reiki is more powerful"

D. E

"It was ace!"


"I have found this an amazing experience. I look forward to practising in the future"


"I enjoyed all my course"


"It more than fulfilled my expectations......everything was fantastic"

R. A

" I have enjoyed the experience & would recommend"


"Totally wonderful experience. Much better in every way than I had anticipated"


"Amazing experience, thoroughly enjoyed it all"


"I had a fabulous time learning, discussing and practising, I would highly recommend this to anyone interested in Reiki! "


"It was lovely meeting you too, Cath, I had such a precious and spiritual experience with you. I will cherish it forever together with my Reiki blessings........I feel great. I do my meditating and reiki every day, haven't missed one yet, and love the endorphins it seems to create in me. I'm still cleansing, I am strongly being drawn towards a healthier lifestyle, physical thirst for water and eating lots of vegetarian food (hmmmm....I love my meat!) ...... "


"Hi Cath, Thank you for an amazing weekend and for teaching me Reiki level one. It was a joy to be taught be by someone who is obviously so in love with Reiki. Your knowledge and love for Reiki made the whole experience such a pleasure and an experience I won’t forget in a long time. Since the weekend I have felt energised and uplifted.
If anyone is looking for a Reiki teacher, look no further! I’m sure anyone who takes a course with Cath won’t be disappointed. Thanks again! Regards, Steve"