Reiki Master Practitioner

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Reiki hands under2You must have Reiki Level 2 & a Reiki certificate of completion/competence to attend the Reiki Master Practitioner Course.

You need to leave a six month gap between taking Reiki Level 2 and learning Reiki Level 3 / Reiki Master Practitioner / Reiki Third Degree.

Your Reiki Master Practitioner Course builds on the knowledge and experience you gained in (Reiki Level 1) and (Reiki Level 2).

You must complete Reiki Master Practitioner if you want to take the Reiki Master Teacher course.

You learn how to do a Reiki Crystal Grid to blast yourself with Reiki continuously for a period on this Reiki Master Practitioner course.

You will receive attunement to the Reiki Master Symbol on this Reiki Master practitioner Course.

Reiki_Register_button_smallYour Reiki Level 3 / Reiki Master Practitioner / Advanced Reiki Training workshop, is either a one day intensive or a two day course and includes:

  • You will receive an attunement to the Usui Reiki Master symbol, increasing the strength of your Reiki energy and enabling you to receive an even yet more powerful Reiki energy.
  • You are introduced to the Usui Master symbol which can be used for healing and for increasing the effectiveness of the Reiki sysmbols learnt at Reiki Level II.
  • You will learn how to make a Reiki Crystal Grid so as to be able to send Reiki to yourself and others after the Reiki Crystal Grid is charged.
  • You will learn how to remove negative psychic energy from yourself & others & sending it to the light.
  • You will do a guided meditation
  • You will learn to do a Reiki Moving Meditation, to help you to change “state”.
  • You will have some Reiki practise time.
  • You receive a Reiki Training manual.

You receive an ART (Advanced Reiki Training) /  Reiki Master Practitioner Certificate, upon successful completion of this course.

  • Duration: Two day course or 1 day intensive
  • Coffee/Tea breaks are included.

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Advanced Reiki Training (ART) is equivalent to a Reiki Master Practitioner Course

ART / Advanced Reiki Training Course / Reiki Master Practitioner Intensive

  •    (1 Day) – Cost £295 (2 short days ) Cost £295
  •   (Deposit £50)

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“Wonderful teacher, very good excellent teaching” D. B

“Cath is probably the best teacher that anyone could have that wants to do a Reiki course, very professional, very outstanding. I will recommend her to everyone including my truly blessed” A. D

“Cath is a truly inspirational person and I would highly recommend her for both Reiki Sessions ad teaching. She is a wonderfully kind person and brings a wonderful light…” LOR

“Cath is the most tolerant, patient, kind hearted person. It has been my pleasure and privilege to meet. I’ve had the most wonderful day of my life and will certainly be back for more training and guidance. ” KA

“I could not ask for a better teacher…”A.E

“Wow Cath, I feel so truly connected to the source now it feels so so wonderful! I have never felt the wholeness and completeness that I feel now. I feel as if I’m finally home. I am absolutely loving this new energy, I feel so different. I have so much more energy and passion for life again. Thank you once again for being a wonderful teacher. Thank you for all your advice, kindness, joy, patience and hospitality. I’m already looking forward to doing my teacher level soon! ? thanks again, love and blessings. Have a great day. xxx A.S”

Please contact Cath for an application form and further details


” Having been attuned to Level 1, 2 & 3 by the same lineage master, I feel that under the love and teachings of my teacher I have been shown the beautiful path of Reiki , and been accompanied along my path by them” J.M

“After attunement to the master symbol the Reiki is more powerful ” D.E

“I have just felt relaxed and tuned in throughout. Cath is a beacon of light and full of knowledge, laughter and enthusiasm” J. H.

“Once again Cath delivered in true “Cath” style, willing to adapt to individual needs. ” M.K

“An amazing journey in the company of lovely people. Feeling very blessed.” C.R-J

“Thank you so much Cath, for your continuing support through my Reiki journey. LovM” M.W

 “I would just like to say thank you so much for Reiki Master/ Teacher lessons Cath over the last couple of days. My pathway has started to become enlightened already. You have such passion in your Reiki and it glows from you. You made me so comfortable,totally at ease and it’s always nice to know that I could pick up the phone and ask you anything regarding reiki. I send you all my love and blessings H.A xx “
“Cath is absolutely fantastic, very supportive, professional, friendly and welcoming! Making you feel completely at ease. I would highly recommend Cath for all Reiki Level Courses” E.Y

Becoming a Reiki Master Practitioner is a big step & you need to feel that you are ready to receive all of the blessings that are available to you. All are able to receive, it simply requires a willingness to learn and practie what is learnt. It is a massive blessing to be able to channel this higher vibrational frequncy of Reiki & I recommend it to all.

Please Note: Deposits are non-refundable, but can be transferred to another class within 1 year. Where there is non-attendance at a class without prior notice 48 hours before hand the deposit is forfeit. If a deposit is not received before the course then an extra charge is due for producing the certificate after attendance. The charge is currently £8.00. Please note where extra one to one is needed on top of class time the cost is £30 per hour, per person.